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United We Stand, We Stand United. And Together, We Will Never Be Divided.

“United We Stand, We Stand United. And Together, We Will Never Be Divided.”
This tagline has been roared repeatedly by thousands to millions of Warriors of Light who carry the same venerable advocacy: lighting the country through the rural electrification program. But advocacies need a leader who will stay true to our vision no matter how difficult; someone who will show us how to do things when we are blinded by our own fears; someone who will make us win back our strengths when our weaknesses dishearten us.
Some leaders are memorable because of their names, power, and fame; but only few are remembered for the inspiration, vision, and legacies they impart. They may take new roles and conquer new horizons; they may walk different paths and create new stories—but the history and legacy they write will forever be etched in organizations and lives of people they once led.
You were not just a President, or a boss, or simply a person who demands.
To us, you are a friend, a cheerleader, a person who made things possible even if they are tough.
We appreciate you for everything that you are—fierce, passionate, full of hope and vision, committed, and fills the room with life, color, and inspiration.
We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done; but please know that every single sacrifice you made has inspired us to become better workers and advocates. Most importantly, we thank for you teaching us to understand the plight of others. You taught us to be brave in fighting battles that will benefit the most. You taught us that a life of service is a life of constant learning.
To our dear Cong Pres, we thank you and we appreciate you!

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