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18 July 2022

PHILRECA, the association of all electric cooperatives operating nationwide, would like to express our sincerest congratulations on President Ferdinand R. Marcos’ designation of Raphael Perpetuo Lotilla as the new Secretary of the Department of Energy.

The energy sector is now at the core – or should be, if that is not the case – of every nation’s main priority and program of action because the problems we are experiencing in the sector is affecting everything else. The increases in cost of fuel caused by instability and dwindling supply of oil due to international conflict affects all domains of the society.

Sec. Lotilla’s appointment could not come in a more opportune time than now. We need the Department of Energy to be at the hands of an able commander who can steer the sector towards becoming energy independent and resilient against negative externalities or other market inefficiencies. His experience in the energy sector – as a former Secretary of Energy, in fact – certainly means he is already up to speed to what is happening around us.

We therefore extend whatever assistance we can offer to the leadership of Sec. Lotilla. , – -.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to one big question – ? And with the partnership of the Department of Energy, its attached agencies, and PHILRECA and our member electric cooperatives, we know that we will be able to deliver what is expected from all of us.

Let us make UNITY and PARTNERSHIP the centerpiece of our operations. Beyond the legalities and formalities, we hope that Sec. Lotilla can usher in an era where every stakeholder is seen as a partner. – , .

We have no doubt that the Department of Energy will be able to address urgent concerns of the nation, and even deliver more than what is expected, through the competent and proven leadership of Sec. Lotilla.
Mabuhay ka po, Sec. Lotilla!

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