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Relevant details regarding the Cooperative’s Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA)

The ISELCO II Hour’s inaugural broadcast aired on September 9, 2021, using the ISELCO II Newsroom, with its first guest, GM Dave Siquian, who shared relevant details regarding the Cooperative’s Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA), which will be held on a virtual platform. He also enjoined MCOs to attend the AGMA to learn about the present state of the cooperative and the activities it had in the past year. Furthermore, he said that it would be favorable on the MCOs part to be more deeply involved with the cooperative’s issues as it would better the relationship between them and the cooperative.

Institutional Services Department Manager Pinky Ann Lucas was also one of the guests and provided information on how to participate in the upcoming AGMA and a detailed list of the prizes that have been prepared for the raffle draw.

It can be remembered that the ISELCO II Newsroom was blessed and inaugurated on September 1, 2021 to serve as the cooperative’s own facility for conducting information drives via Facebook Live, with the goal of reaching and empowering a larger number of member-consumer-owners by providing them with relevant and timely information relative to the Coop’s operations, programs and activities that are beneficial to them.

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