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Members of the Philippine Federation of Electric Cooperatives (Philfeco) gathered in Ilagan City, Isabela Saturday (May 12) to discuss a way forward on their partnership with the National Electrification Administration (NEA).

NEA Administrator Edgardo Masongsong attended the meeting to present anew his seven-point agenda, which aims to prop up the rural electrification sector so it can continue helping to improve the lives of more Filipinos by providing them access to reliable electricity services.

No less than Isabela Governor Faustino ‘Bojie’ Dy III, who also graced the event, recognized how vital electric cooperatives (ECs) are in stimulating the growth of communities in rural areas.

With the contributions of two ECs operating in Isabela, the governor expressed confidence that poverty incidence in their province will continue to decrease until it hopefully goes down to single digits.

According to the League of Electric Coop Information and Communications Officers Nationwide (LEXICON), some 112 power co-op officials participated in the discussion representing the following ECs: Isabela II Electric Cooperative, Noceco, NORECO-II, Nuvelco, Palawan Electric Cooperative, Panelco I, PANELCO III Official, Quirelco, SAN JOSE CITY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, and Soreco II. ###

(📸 Mr. Sylton Solidum)

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