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The Board of Directors of the Philippine Federation of Electric Cooperatives (PHILFECO) recently elected its new Chairman in the person of MS. ROSELLE G. TEODOSIO, erstwhile Vice-Chairman of the Federation and an elected member of its Board representing the Pangasinan III Electric Cooperative (PANELCO III).
Chairman TEODOSIO succeeds Mr. David Solomon M. Siquian who retired from active service as General Manager of the Isabela II Electric Cooperative (ISELCO II) and concurrent PHILFECO Chairman.
The PHILFECO Board officially conferred its mandate to the new Chairman in an election held during its special Board meeting at the NUVELCO Main Office in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.
A veteran in the rural electrification program who has long been serving as a Board Director of PANELCO III and recently as PHILFECO’s Vice-Chairman, Ms. ROSELLE G. TEODOSIO begins her two-year term as Chairman of the Board amid challenges faced by electric cooperatives in the electric power distribution sector for more reliable power supply at reasonably lower costs.
As Board Chairman, she will be spearheading PHILFECO’s efforts to promote its advocacies and intensify its assistance programs for and in behalf of its thirteen (13) Member-Electric Cooperatives (EC) that are all duly registered by and operating under the supervision of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).
CDA-registered ECs, unlike other ECs, are stock cooperatives where its member-consumers profess true ownership by contributing their own shares in the capital stock of the electric co-op and gaining benefits, in return, through earned stock dividends.
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