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Affected Areas:
•Municipality of Tumauini & Delfin Albano
•Part of Municipality of Cabagan ( Pilig Alto, Pilig Abajo )
•Part of City of Ilagan ( Alinguigan 1st, Alinguigan 2nd, Alinguigan 3rd, ballacong, Bangag, Marana 1st, Marana 2nd, Marana 3rd, Minabang, Morado, Nanaguan, Sta. Victoria, Tangkul, Binatacan, Cabisera 10, Cabisera 14-16, Cabisera 25, Cabisera 27, Pasa, Quinalabasa, Rangayan, Rugao, San Andress, Sindun Bayabo, Sindun Maride, Villa Imelda, Cadu, Capellan, Capo, Fuyo, Manaring, San Isidro, San Juan, San Lorenzo, San Pablo, San Rodrigo, Santa Catalina, Sipay )
Reason: Whole Feeder Shut Down Due to Heavy Rain and Wind
All works may be finished ahead of time and power may be possibly restored earlier. For Safety purposes, please consider our lines always energized.
Power will be restored as soon as the activities are completed without prior notice, Thank you.

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