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•March 15, 2018 | Thursday

a. 8:00am – 10:00am

b. 10:00am – 12:00nn

c. 12:00nn – 2:00pm

Portion of Baligatan, , Aggasian, Alinguigan 1st, Alinguigan 2nd, Alinguigan 3rd, Ballacong, Bangag, Batong-Labang, Cadu, Capellan, Capo, Centro-San Antonio, Fugo, Fuyo, Imelda Bliss Village, Cabisera 10 ( Lupigui), Cabisera 14 and 16 ( Casilagan ), Cabisera 17 and 21 ( San Rafael ), Cabisera 19 ( Villa Suerte ), Cabisera 2 (Dappat), Cabisera 22 (Sablang), Cabisera 23 ( San Francisco ), Cabisera 25 ( Sta. Lucia), Cabisera 27 ( Abuan ), Cabisera 3 (San Fernando ), Cabisera 4 ( San Mauel), Cabisera 5 ( Baribad ), Cabisera 6 & 24 ( Villa Marcos), Cabisera 7 ( Nangalisan ), Cabisera 9 and 11 ( Capugotan ), Cabisera 8 ( Sta. Maria ), Malalam, Manaring, Marana 1st, Marana 2nd, Marana 3rd, Minabang, Morado, Nanaguan, Paliueg, Pasa, Quimalabasa, Rang-ayan ( Bintacan), Rugao, San Andres, San Felipe, San Isidro, San Juan, San Lorenzo, San Pablo, San Rodrigo, Sta. Catalina, Sta. Victoria, Sindon Bayabo, Sindon Maride, Sipay, Tangcul, Villa Imelda (City of Ilagan, Isabela)

Portion of Baligatan, Arusip, Baculod (Poblacion), Bagumbayan (Poblacion), Centro (Poblacion), San Vicente (Poblacion), Santa Barbara (Poblacion), Cabannungan 1st, Cabannungan 2nd (City of Ilagan, Isabela)

Portion of Baligatan, Alibagu, Namnama, Salindingan, Gayong-Gayong Norte, Bigao, Siffu (City of Ilagan, Isabela)

Upi & Upi Proper, District I (Poblacion), District II (Poblacion), District III ((Poblacion), Barcolan, Buenavista, Dammao, Furao, Linglingay, Lenzon, Mabini, Pintor, Rizal, Union (Gamu, Isabela)

Raniag, San Bonifacio, San Miguel, San Roque (Burgos, Isabela)

•To conduct replacement of deteriorated insulating oil of Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker of 13.8KV Feeders 21IL4, 22IL4 and 23IL4

We shall be putting them back into services as soon as the aforementioned activity are completed without prior notice.

For your information and guidance.

••Please do not copy or download photos containing information about public interest like power interruption, billing, etc. then posting it on your timeline. That information may be changed or updated without notice. So, PLEASE just click the SHARE button. Thank you.••

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