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NEA Expresses Full Support to AIEC

A dialogue between National Electrification Administration (NEA) Administrator Emmanuel P. Juaneza and members of the Association of Isolated Electric Cooperatives (AIEC) was held last 7 April 2022 at the HESA, NEA Building, Quezon City.
AIEC President Rene M. Fajilagutan, who is also the General Manager of Romblon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ROMELCO), presented the completed AIEC projects. Among which are the Solar-Diesel-ESS Hybrid Systems of ROMELCO, Antique Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ANTECO) and Lubang Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LUBELCO), and the Smart Solar Hybrid System of Busuanga Island Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BISELCO). Their comprehensive list of projects in the pipeline include sites with advanced development, sites that are unelectrified according to their initial assessment and surveys, as well as the candidates for funding.
President Fajilagutan further elaborated areas of assistance and support being requested from NEA. First among these concerns is the increase in Subsidy Approved Generation Rate (SAGR). They also requested funding for both the generation and distribution of off-grid electrification, the development of policies supporting the electric cooperatives (ECs) in the development of power generation facilities in off-grid, and in the availment of Universal Charge for Missionary Electrification (UCME) subsidy. Additionally, they inquired about the procurement of power supply, the development of long term policies for off-grid ECs to be connected to the main grid, franchise application and renewal of registration.
In addressing all these key issues, Administrator Juaneza said that the NEA will do everything it can to support total electrification based on its accountability towards all ECs involved in these AIEC projects, guided by the corresponding by-laws and policies. ###

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