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The Institutional Services Department (ISD) Managers of the Electric Cooperatives (ECs) attended a two-day Consultative Meeting on 31 May 2022 and 1 June 2022 at the National Electrification Administration (NEA) Building, Quezon City.
NEA Deputy Administrator for EC Management Services Sector Atty. Omar M. Mayo and Institutional Development Department Manager Nollie B. Alamillo acknowledged and welcomed the EC representatives, prefacing the relevant topics of the gathering.
First on the agenda was Consumer Development and Protection Division Acting Manager Arnel P. Galarpe’s focus on the enhanced policy guidelines that the ECs need to abide by to meet the Overall Performance Assessment standards. The Board of Directors (BOD) and General Managers (GM) will be rated accordingly to assess good governance. In addition, the tentative Institutional Performance Assessment of ECs for 2021 was presented.
With regards to the District Election, Manager Percival G. Crisostomo of Organization and Management Development Division reiterated that the ECs are directed to faithfully adhere to their By-Laws on the schedule of the conduct of District Elections and Annual General Membership Assemblies (AGMA) so as not to deprive the rights of the Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs) to choose their representatives and be informed on the status of EC operation. He also cited the proposed Amendment on Allowances and Benefits.
To encourage more focused discussions, the participants were grouped based on their EC’s geographical location – North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Island. The ECs recommendations, activities and programs, the support they need from NEA, as well as the recommended timelines were discussed.
Deputy Administrator for Corporate Resources and Financial Services Sonia B. San Diego, in her opening remarks on the second day, asked the ISD Managers to spread the good news to the MCOs in terms of service excellence and reasonable rates. According to her, the ISD Managers have a great job to undertake especially now that there are several governance issues concerning the ECs.
Atty. Vic P. Alvaro, NEA Legal Services Office Department Manager, imparted a refresher on Rules Governing NEA Administrative Cases and Election-related issues.
Among the major issues raised during the workshop were: conduct of AGMA, ECs’ submission of documents, NEA’s acknowledgement and feedback, EC BODs’ continuing qualifications and disqualifications, terms and tenure in office, applicants for BOD screening process, BOD mandatory training, and MCO organization and incentives. There was also an exchange about modifying requirements for ECs with very slow internet connection for submitting reports.
Administrator Emmanuel P. Juaneza stated that strengthening the relationship between ECs and MCOs can dampen the attempts of large private competitors from encroaching EC franchise areas. With that, he congratulated the ISD Managers on their role in the recent advancement of the ECs and MCOs. He encouraged them to continue exemplify the key qualities of EC services–reliable, affordable, and sustainable–amidst ever present challenges.
“You are very influential on how ECs can progress,” the NEA Chief told the ISD Managers.
The program concluded on another hopeful note with Deputy Administrator Rossan SJ. Rosero-Lee’s assurance that all issues will be thoroughly examined and addressed by the concerned departments.
Former ISD Managers who have grown to be General Managers of their respective cooperatives were also given tribute.###

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