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The National Electrification Administration (NEA) announced the result of the 2021 Electric Cooperatives (EC) Overall Performance Assessment and Size Classification through Memorandum to all ECs No. 2022 – 033 last 13 July 2022. The Committee on EC Overall Performance Assessment, chaired by Director Ana Rosa D. Papa, effected the evaluation of the set performance standards and parameters.

The EC Overall Performance Assessment aims to measure the ECs’ financial, institutional and technical performance, thus determining credit worthiness, level of development, protection, empowerment and satisfaction of member-consumer-owners (MCOs), and to promote accountability and responsibility in ECs’ compliances and fiduciary obligations. This also serves as a basis for crafting performance incentive mechanisms for the ECs.

2021 EC Overall Performance Assessment showed that 87 out of 121 ECs or 72% were rated AAA, nine (9) ECs or 7% were AA and five (5) ECs or 4% were A. Category B included 7 ECs at 6%, Category C has 6 ECs at 5% and Category D has 7 ECs at 6%.

Administrator Emmanuel P. Juaneza commended ILECO Ill and SIARELCO for being the highest performers in the 2021 overall operations. Nine (9) ECs have improved categories across all performance levels with QUIRELCO as the most improved EC from Category B to AAA.

He likewise congratulated Regions VI, VIII and CARAGA for sustaining excellent performance as a region with all their electric cooperatives (ECs) consistently rated AAA, and Region Ill as the most improved region having all their 14 ECs assessed as AAA for the first time.

The ECs were also classified by size. Compared with the 2019 results, the number of Mega Large (ML) ECs increased from 72 to 79 ECs. Extra Large (EL) ECs decreased from 28 to 22 and Large (L) ECs from 17 to 14 while ECs under Medium and Small classifications were retained at two (2) and four (4), respectively. Twelve (12) ECs expanded their power market coverage resulting in the improvement of their size classification, nine (9) ECs improved from EL to ML and three (3) ECs progressed from L to EL.

NEA acknowledged the resiliency and vigilance of the ECs in coping with the challenges on the effects of COVID 19 pandemic, natural calamities and pressing economic and political issues and concerns. The performance assessment for 2020 operations was deferred due to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the overall performance of the ECs. ###

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