Isabela II Electric Cooperative (ISELCO II) was organized and registered as a non-stock, non-profit electric cooperative with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on February 25, 1978. Its organization was mandated by Republic Act No. 6038 which was enacted on August 4, 1969 and later amended by Presidential Decree No. 269 (PD 269), also known as the National Electrification ,Administration Charter, promulgated on August 6, 1973. On June 22, 2007, ISELCO II also registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) by virtue of Republic Act No. 6938 (Cooperative Code) and Republic Act No. 6939 (Cooperative Development Authority Charter).


ISELCO II officially started its operation with the purchase and take-over of the operations of the now defunct Ilagan Electric Plant on December 1, 1978. By December 12, 1982 eighteen out of twenty two municipalities were energized namely: Ilagan, San Pablo, Cabagan, Sta. Maria, Delfin Albano, Naguilian, Aurora, Roxas, Gamu, Mallig, Tumauini, Benito Soliven, San Mariano, Quirino, Sto.Tomas, San Manuel, Quezon and Burgos. The four coastal municipalities of Palanan, Dinapigue, Divilacan and Maconacon remained unenergized for a long time because they are inaccessible and isolated from the rest of the coverage area by the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges. Palanan was energized on June 20, 1993 through a generator set installed by the National Power Corporation-Small Power Utilities Group (NPC-SPUG) while Divilacan, Maconacon and Dinapigue were energized through solar home systems. Dinapigue is now included in the franchise area of AURELCO.


ISELCO II is one of the two electric cooperatives providing electric service to the province of Isabela. The province is situated at the heart of the Cagayan Valley on the northeastern part of the main island of Luzon. It is bounded by the Province of Cagayan on the north, Nueva Viscaya, Aurora and Quirino on the south: Kalinga, Apayao, Ifugao and Mt. Province on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

Its fertile plains and valleys are bounded by two mountain ranges, namely, the Sierra Madre Mountain range on the east and the Cordillera on the west.

Isabela experiences moderate rainfall which is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year making it an ideal rice granary. Isabela occupies a land area of 10,664.6 square kilometers which is 3.5% of the total land area of the country and is composed of thirty seven municipalities and one thousand thirty nine barangays. Ilagan serves as its provincial capital.

The northern half of Isabela province constitutes the current franchise area of ISELCO II, consisting of twenty one municipalities (the twenty second municipality, Dinapigue, is now included in the franchise area of AURELCO) and five hundred forty five barangays. Below is the system map showing the service area of ISELCO II


Over the past thirty years, ISELCO II has installed three substations with a combined capacity of twenty five MVA while a fourth substation rated at 15 MVA is owned and operated by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

LOCATION Rating (KVA) Peak (KW) Peak (KVA) Loading
Feeder 1
Baligatan, City of Ilagan 2,998.46 3,153.14
(Owned and Operatedby NGCP)
Feeder 2 15,000
Baligatan, City of Ilagan, Isabela 6,375.60 6,505.46 103%
(Owned and Operatedby NGCP)
Feeder 3
Baligatan, City of Ilagan, Isabela 6,043.63 6,258.34
(Owned and Operatedby NGCP)
Garita, Cabagan 12,500 8,012.00 8,111.92 53%
San Mateo, Tumauini 10,000 9,177.00 9,291.45 73%
San Manuel, Naguilian 5,000 5,754.00 5,806.90 92%
San Rafael, Roxas 10,000 11,396.00 11,746.27 91%
District 1, San Manuel 10,000 6,946.80 7,510.28 56%


Maximum 2009 Substation Loading

Location Rating,KVA Peak KW Peak KVA Loading
San Manuel, Naguilian 5,000 2,350 2,520 50.40%
Munoz, Roxas 10,000 8,474 8,627 86.27%
Garita, Cabagan 10,000 6,452 6,573 65.73%
Baligatan, Ilagan 15,000 7,642 7,708 51.39%
Total (Aug) 40,000 24,919 25,428 63.57%

OUR ENERGIZATION STATUS AS OF APRIL 2015, ISELCO II has completed energization of nineteen (19) municipalities in its coverage area.

Municipality Barangays Barangays Potential Actual Percentage of
Covered Energized Households Connections Connections
Ilagan 91 91 34669 37152 107.16
Cabagan 26 26 10162 8907 87.65
San Pablo 17 17 5134 3789 73.80
Sta. Maria 20 20 4860 3483 71.67
Naguilian 25 25 7413 6274 84.64
Gamu 16 16 6791 6287 92.58
Roxas 26 26 14226 16976 119.33
Aurora 33 33 8476 7882 92.99
Mallig 18 18 7591 6177 81.37
Sto. Tomas 25 25 4980 4269 85.72
Delfin Albano 29 29 6637 5597 84.33
Tumauini 46 45 15541 14306 92.05
Quezon 15 15 5874 3875 65.97
Quirino 21 21 6333 4387 69.27
San Manuel 19 19 7613 6427 84.46
Burgos 14 14 5744 3737 65.06
Benito Soliven 29 27 6941 5263 75.82
San Mariano 35 32 10771 4138 38.42
Palanan 17 5 3826 963 25.17
Divilacan 5.85
Total 522 513 175031 154858 88.48

Of the 522 covered barangays, there are 504 energized barangays or 96.55% energization level (Solar Homes excluded). Out of its 156,234 potential house connections, the cooperative has already energized 127,291 or 81.47 % of its potential households.


The policy-making function in ISELCO II resides with the Board of Directors (BOD). The coverage area is sub-divided into nine districts.

District Municipality/ies covered
I Ilagan
II Burgos, Gamu
III Aurora, San Manuel
IV Roxas
V Mallig, Quezon, Quirino
VI Sta. Maria, San Pablo
VII Delfin Albano, Sto.Tomas
VIII Cabagan, Tumauini
IX Naguilian, Benito Soliven, San Mariano

Each district is being represented by a duly elected director who serves for a term of two years and who may be re-elected up to a maximum of three terms. The duly elected directors elect from among themselves the officers of the Board. The general manager is an ex-officio member of the board of directors and in effect, the tenth member of the BOD.

Upon its registration with CDA on June 22, 2007, the incumbent members of the BOD became the members of the interim BOD during the transition period, to draft the applicable By-Laws and determine the paid up share capital of each member-consumer.

Our incumbent Board of Directors:

Name Position No. of Terms Competency/Field of Expertise
CARLITO M. UY V.President

The general manager, supported by the four (4) department managers, the internal auditor and six branch managers, manage the day-to-day affairs of the cooperative.

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