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ISELCO II actively participates in the ongoing implementation of the Synchronized Barangay Assembly for the first semester of the year 2023. The Cooperative is able to empower member-consumer-owners through this program by providing them with updates and relevant information about the Cooperative.
On March 25 and 26, 2023, ISELCO II took part in the conduct of the aforementioned activity in the following barangays:
Masigun, Roxas
District 2, Tumauini
Namnaman, Tumauini
Olango, Mallig
San Ramon, Mallig
Holy Friday, Mallig
Trinidad, Mallig
Centro 2, Mallig
Malasin, City of Ilagan
Carikkikan Sur, City of Ilagan
Mancuram, City of Ilagan
Cabisera 19, City of Ilagan
Malalam, City of Ilagan

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