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A Prayer for the Approching Typhoon #OmpongPH

O Gracious God Who created the earth and all that is in it. You did give us so many blessings; Indeed, you filled the world with so much beauty, bounty and no end of wonders!

Almighty Father we lift up to you our worries and apprehensions at this very moment. An incoming super typhoon is expected to hit the Northern Luzon in a day or two. We implore on You and to Mama Mary to spare us from the destruction this typhoon may bring.

Lord you have known the misery of our people upon devastation of past natural disasters in our area of responsibility and other areas that were affected by the raging cyclone. We ask you to keep us safe and protect us from any form of pain and suffering it may bring us. Spare as well our distribution lines from any untoward devastation that will give discomforts to our people.

Again and again, we deeply ask, as this typhoon approaches our land and approaching our brothers and sisters, that You shelter all who will be in its path. Watch over everyone: our loved ones, friends, and fellowmen, many of whom are already preparing of has prepared for the devastation directed at our location. Guard us as we prepare, give us strength, courage, and resolve to ride out this storm;

All this we pray in Jesus name and the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary, Amen!

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